Dramatis personae

Stan White began life in Birmingham, England. He was an industrial photographer before coming to Canada in 1957 where he married and settled in Toronto working as a commercial and advertizing photographer. In 1970 he joined Sheridan College as a teaching master and ran the studio for them for 20 years, teaching lighting and product illustration.

After he retired in the early 1990’s, he continued with a life-long interest in stereo photography, photographing avidly in and around Brantford. These photographs are now in the local archives. In cooperation with the Photographic Historical Society of Canada, he set up a library of information on stereo photography now housed in the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Throughout his life, he has written non-fiction on various aspects of photography. In his 50’s he began to write poetry and short stories. He has been published in local anthologies and has published several books of poetry, some in collaboration with other poets and also a slim book on tabletop stereo imaging in 1970, “Beyond the Third Dimension”, published in the Netherlands and illustrated with ViewMaster reels.

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These days, for relaxation, and in the hopes of slowing down inevitable aging, he plays the musical saw and the theremin but keeps the windows closed.

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Prelude to an Epitaph

Four score years
approaching five
and dwindling

This unfathomed manufactory
assembles thoughts
from the demolition
of a lifetime’s dream

Head, heart, belly, loins
and fragments of the boy
the youth, the man,

fashion requiems
for mad coyotes
baying at the moon.

©SJW. 8 July 2020 1:30 a.m.



a few tiny dabs
from winter snows
stolen by snowdrops

©SJW. 01 January 2005 12:01 a.m.


Dear God

Please, not under fluorescent lights
or in and amongst stainless, sterile things
about a fluster of people

or in the middle of a summer’s day
(if it can be avoided).
The wrench would be too much.

Though, under a full moon
on a walk through a summer’s night—
that would be altogether satisfactory

but if I am to have my druthers
might I go, in a quiet corner somewhere
under subdued light and after a gourmet meal:
a Caesar perhaps,
pheasant in a blackberry coulis,
a glass of a good Chablis
followed by crepes Suzette?
Then, just as I’m finishing a fine cognac…
(before the waiter brings the bill)

Oh, and God, just one more thing,
might you arrange for Kirsten Flagstad
to be singing, Mild und leise…?

yours etc., etc.

©SJW. 16 January 2005 5:05 a.m.